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History of SouEast

Southeast (Fuijian) Automobile Industry Co.,Ltd (Hereinafter referred as ‘Southeast Auto) was established in 1995.
It is a joint venture automobile enterprise established by Fuijian Automobile Industry Group Co.,Ltd, Taiwan Yulong Group’s Zhonghua Automobile and Japan Mitsubishi Motors following the share proposition of 25% China Motor Corporation, 50% Fuijian Motor Industry Group and 25% Japan Mitsubishi Motors.

Soueast Automobile gives full play to the dual advantages of cross-strait automobile cooperation, and integrates the international and Taiwan’s advanced management experience and originated from Japan Mitsubishi.
Mitsubishi Motors’ global vehicle technology introduces world-class technical equipment from Japan and Germany, and forms a modern production process of stamping, welding, painting, final assembly and vehicle inspection lines, as well as a high-standard and strict quality management system.

SOUEAST Factory - DAMT Factory

Because of these facts, Mitsubishi solely trusted Soueast and some Mitsubishi Models are manufactured in SouEast Factory. Models such as Lancer, Lancer EX, Lancer Fortis, Galant and Zinger are produced in SouEast mainland China Factory.

Signed with Changan In Nanning 2009

As for own Soueast current profile and product lines, producing SUVS and commercial vehicles. Soueast Auto’s existing SUV series are ‘Soueast DX7’ , ‘Soueast DX7 Prime’ , ‘Soueast DX3’ , ‘Soueast DX3 SRG’, ‘Soueast DX3X’ , sedan series: ‘Soueast A5’, ‘Soueast V5’, ‘Soueast V3’ , commercial vehicle series ‘SoueastDelica’ and other model like ‘Soueast Xiwang C1’.
Since the establishment of the company in the past 24 years, the cumulative production and sales of automobile has exceeded 1.52 millions and the accumulated revenue has exceeded 121.3 billion yuan. In 2016 and 2017, the company’s revenue and output value have exceeded 10 billion for two consecutive years.

In 2017, the production and sales volume exceeded 150,000 units, reaching the national approval capacity.

Due to this successful focus of the company, it decided to export to international countries such as (_Ecudor,Peru,Costa Rica, Egypt, Middle East Countries and Myanmar.
In 2018, Soueast finally came into agreement with Dagon ArrMahnThit (DAMT) Company Ltd (Myanmar) to manufactured SUV models with Semi-Knockdown format.DAMT Company also has a long history in Myanmar, successful automobile manufacturing factory since 2004. DAMT was formerly knowned as Arr Mahn Thit started to manufacture automobiles in 2004 by producing light trunks and CNG conversion for local taxi and buses. Producing 1 ton light truck up until 2008 and in October 2009, ArrMahnThit Company signed MOU with Changhe started SKD and CKD factory.

Signed with Changan In Nanning 2010

Signed with Changan In Nanning 2011

In 2012, AMT started joint venture business with General Company and founded General Arr Mahn ThitCo.,Ltd to manufacture(import) Hyundai commercial vehicles.
In 2013, General Arr Mahn ThitCo.,Ltd won government tender among 24 locals and oversea competitors with Myanmar Government to help with public transportation and government transportation (Hyundai Shuttle bus service) in 27thAsean Sea Game in Naypyitaw.
Up until 2014, Arr Mahn Thit Company had been producing Changan Truck, Changne Truck and Mini MPV as CKD, Wuzheng Agricultural Truck and JAC refine MPV.
From 2014 to 2017, company stopped manufacturing business due to the new automobile policy of government allowed importing used cars.

In 2018, ArrMahnThit Company came back as Dagon Arr MahnThit Company, applied endorsement to Yangon Investment Committee (Myanmar). Received permit for investment in manufacturing & distributing vehicles with SKD system.
DAMT company is now manufacturing two SUV models: DX7 prime and DX3, one sedan model A5 in Myanmar. Within one year of operation, SouEast brand has 10 showrooms all over Myanmar, six showrooms in Yangon, one showroom in Mandalay, one showroom in Nay Pyi Taw, one showroom in Taunggyi and one showroom in MohnYwar. The growth rate of Soueast in Myanmar does not stop here, it is still going to expand more showrooms in Myanmar and more models to be manufactured.

Future Plan:

Soueast Auto

Looking forward to the future, Soueast Auto will rely on international car-making technology, adhering to the design concept of technology, environmental protection and people oriented, and commit to the improvement of product charm and the continuous rise of brand value, in order to provide excellence and supreme attitude, to provide customers with wonderful Car mobile life, in order to strive to become a model of Chinese car brands, and promote the development of civilized car society and make unremitting efforts.

Dagon ArrMahnThit

DAMT main objective is to offer best quality products and 100% customer satisfaction. We vow to fulfill the requirements of the customers in Automobile industry by manufacturing the significant quality cars with affordable prices for all Myanmar people. We have one core goal as the whole company to become No.1 top automobile manufacture in 2021.